September 1, 2021

How Casinos Have Been Making Losses in Roulette Tables

Did you know that players can successfully cheat in a casino and get away with these acts? Well, look at some of the ways players and casinos use to bend the rules in roulette.

How Casinos Have Been Making Losses in Roulette Tables

The Cheating Masters in Roulette

Playing casino games is meant to be fun as you make profits when you play for real money. However, with real money bets involved, players and casino operators tend to find ways of turning the odds in their favor. Cheating in roulette started a long time ago, with some rogue players making vast amounts of money before being discovered. The use of technology in casinos has sealed some of the loopholes that existed and brought new ways of cheating.

How Players Cheat in Roulette

Here are some of the proven methods of raising the winning chances on a Roulette wheel.

Sleight of Hand

In a fair game of roulette, players are supposed to make bets before the ball lands on the wheel. However, experienced have devised ways of distracting the croupier and making bets after the ball lands on the wheel. To avoid detection, the cheating players often work as a team and only place outside bets.

Richard Marcus, a famous trickster, recruited the croupier in his team to defraud the casino. In his roulette scam dubbed “The Chip Cup Scam,” he would collude with the croupier to get one-hundred-dollar chips instead of five-dollar chips with the use of a plastic prop.

Rigging the Roulette Wheel

Rigging the roulette wheel was an old trick used to rob unsuspecting players by casinos in the past. The scam comprises magnets placed in strategic positions under the roulette wheel. The croupier can control the movement of the wheel using controls hidden away from sight.

In another trick, casino operators used unique materials to custom make the Roulette wheel used in their establishment. Softer materials on some pockets or reducing the size of pockets that players like betting on reduces the chances of players winning money from the casino.

Roulette computers

Due to most casinos digitizing their operations, players can access modern roulette games on mobile or computers. Virtual gaming is based on randomized outcomes, which some developers claim are not so random. By studying thousands of results from different games, computer gurus claim to find patterns on roulette games that players can use to improve the odds of winning. The problem with relying on such systems is that there is no way to prove the amount of data they consider to predict outcomes or work.

Stopping Cheating in Roulette Casinos

The Casino management knows that loopholes on the roulette wheel can cost them millions of dollars. In that regard, they have come up with innovative ways of stopping cheating. In any physical establishment, the roulette wheel is under 24-hour surveillance. In addition, regular inspections are conducted to ensure that everything around the roulette table runs as intended.

To protect players from being defrauded by fraudulent casinos, licensing bodies examine how games in casinos are set up to ensure that players get fair odds of winning in games. Examples of such bodies are eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).


Cheating in any casino game is illegal, and you might be prosecuted as per the gambling laws of your country. Besides, casinos blacklist players who are involved in any cases of malpractices. Avoid playing at unlicensed casinos to ensure that the games you play give you a fair chance of winning. Remember to always verify the casino’s license before playing with real money.

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