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Best Roulette Odds Online

There are three popular roulette games across the world. These include American, French, and European roulette. One thing that all these games have in common is that they rely on sheer luck, and therefore, a player's odds are the ones that matter. Therefore, before deciding on the right variant to choose, players should understand the odds of winning in the match.

Many reviewers claim that roulette odds are quite high. There are usually 38 numbers that players can land on. Therefore, the odds of hitting a single number are sheer 37:1. This article will discuss ways in which players can win despite these odds.

Calculating One's Bets Using Roulette Charts

It's common to overhear gamers inquire about the amount of money that they can win on roulette. In most cases, the answer often differs from the roulette variant that players choose to play. That's why it is essential to observe the available roulette charts to understand one's odds.

There are many websites on the internet that provide precise calculations on the odds of roulette based on their variants. These calculations are made based on the amount that players can win by betting 1 unit. However, one thing is clear: American roulette has the lowest payout percentages compared to other variants.

Odds and Payouts for Outside Bets

In roulette, there usually are two types of bets. These include the inside and outside bets. As the names indicate, the wagers are based on the bet positions in the roulette charts found online. In most cases, the outside bets have higher chances of winning. However, these will have lower payouts compared to inside bets.

People who like to play it safe and want games with higher odds, outside bets are the best options for them. The most popular outside bets are referred to as the even money. These bets normally have odds of up to 50%, and many players love them.

Odds and Payouts for Inside Bets

Inside bets, on the other hand, usually have very low odds of winning. However, they have the best payouts for players who win. In this case, players will often bet on single numbers or a small group of numbers as a combination. Just like the outside bets, these bets always rely on roulette charts.

There are six most common types of inside bets, namely the straight, split, street, corner, double street, and basket. Straight bets require players to bet on a single number, split bets will involve betting on two numbers out of the 38, and the street requires betting on four and so forth.

Increasing One's Odds in Roulette

Although roulette solely relies on luck, players with a strategy have a better chance of winning in the games. At first, the game may seem like it's only about handing out chips and placing a bet. In fact, after the first bet, it becomes difficult for players to control their instincts. However, it's good to be professional in order to avoid frustrating losses.

For starters, one should only wager on outside bets and stick to the minimum table. It's also good to place agers on two outside bets with equal money. One wager should be of an even bet while the other a column bet.


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