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September 22, 2021

Basics of Playing Bitcoin Roulette

Cryptocurrencies are shaping up almost every industry in the world. Online casinos have quickly adapted to the new trend. Nowadays, practically every new casino accepts bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. With that being said, playing Online Roulette games with bitcoin comes with many advantages.

Basics of Playing Bitcoin Roulette

On the flip side, there are some disadvantages. In this regard, beginners should familiarize themselves with how bitcoin roulette works. This article contains relevant details for getting started with bitcoin roulette.

Getting Bitcoin for Gaming

Before you can play bitcoin roulette, you need to own some bitcoin. If you don’t have some already, simply create an account on one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The most popular ones are:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken

Before buying bitcoin for gaming, always check if the site you play on accepts deposits from the exchange platform you use. Additionally, it would help if you had a crypto wallet to store the bitcoin.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette


  • Ease of Access - Playing with Bitcoin allows you to avoid restrictions imposed on fiat money casinos. The US has harsher gambling regulations than any other country in the world. Since bitcoin is fully decentralized, some of the laws that apply to real money casinos do not apply to bitcoin casinos. However, US players might be restricted from accessing such sites. In such a case, a good VPN can help to mask your connection so that you can play bitcoin roulette.

  • Privacy - Casino players value their privacy. Therefore, the anonymous nature of bitcoin transactions makes this the best payment method for online gaming. Traditional payment methods require one to list their names, address, and contact information. Due to this, a player who makes a huge win or loss gets known by everyone. With bitcoin, a player can gamble without revealing personal details. As such, no one knows when they win or lose.

  • Low Transactions Fees on Bitcoin Payments - The foundation of crypto payments is decentralization. To put it in another way, people can enjoy free trade without paying fees to middlemen. In this regard, bitcoin payments have the lowest transactions fees compared to other payment methods. Some casinos don’t impose any fees on bitcoin payments.

  • Fairness - Bitcoin casinos have fair terms and conditions for all members. The games listed on such sites give players equal chances of winning. In addition, the games are tested for fairness before being listed on the sites.


  • Bitcoins has a high volatility index compared to stablecoins. Since the value of bitcoin keeps changing, your winnings could gain or lose value in just a few hours.


Bitcoin is changing how American players play. Going by recent trends, the blockchain technology is here for the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to get familiar with bitcoin’s works. As you can see from the sections above, playing Bitcoin roulette is not that hard. Join a bitcoin casino today to get started.

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