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September 15, 2021

Most Common Variations among Online Roulette Players

If you are fond of Roulette, you already have your favorite variation. Let’s see whether it is among the most common variants of online roulette among fellow players.

Most Common Variations among Online Roulette Players

Roulette is one of the most -played casino games. Probably because it involves straightforward moves that anyone can learn. All you have to do is predict where the ball thrown on a rotating wheel will land. In the past, the game was only played by the rich. But today, anyone can log in to an online casino and play Roulette. Due to the high number of people who play the game, several modifications have been made to the original version. Due to this, there are many variations of Roulette. The following sections contain information about the most played variations of Roulette.

European Roulette

This is the most widespread version of the roulette game. You can distinguish it from other variations using the single 0-pocket on the wheel. In addition, the house has a very low edge in European Roulette. Red and black markings are arranged around the edge of the wheel to identify holes 1 to 36. Only one hole is marked in green and is denoted with the number 0.

French Roulette

One of the major distinctions in French Roulette is the La Partage rule, in which players with even bets get 50% of their stake back when the ball lands in the 0-pocket. Otherwise, the game is more or less similar to the European version.

Another rule unique to French Roulette is the En Prison rule which gives players a chance to recover their bets when the ball lands in the 0-pocket. A spin in which the ball lands in the zero pocket puts all the even money bets “in prison.” Players then place new bets on the second spin. If they win, they get their winnings plus the in-prison stake back. On the other hand, a losing bet in the second spin causes them to lose all the money staked.

American Roulette

The American version of Roulette has two 0-pockets placed opposite one another. As a result, the wheel has 38 pockets, as listed below:

  • 18 Red pockets
  • 18 Black Pockets
  • 2 Green pockets

The house edge in American Roulette is higher compared to the European and French versions of the game. Besides, there is no possibility to recover bets when the ball lands on the zero pocket. A few casinos allow players to place basket bets, where players can bet on a range of numbers. The most used combination includes the two zeros and the top-line numbers.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette differs a lot from the other versions. Most players play this version for fun because it does not require much thinking or strategic planning. The mini roulette wheel has the following markings:

  • 6 red pockets
  • 6 black pockets
  • 1 zero pocket Players get a 50% payback on their bets when the ball lands in the zero pocket. The 7.69% house edge is quite huge. However, the cashback on a spin where the ball lands in-zero helps to reduce the edge to 3.85%. Possible bet combinations on this version include:
  • Straight Up bets
  • Odd or Even bets
  • Split and Corner bets
  • Street Bet
  • Black Bet
  • Column bet


Roulette is fun and highly rewarding for players who understand the game. You can find all the different versions of the game discussed above in many online casinos. Don’t forget to check if there are any in-house rules on the particular site where you play.

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